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Virginia Tech's Head Coach Mike Young (College Hoops Mike Leach) Starts And Ends Press Conference Talking About Needing A Damn Cold Drink

Year 1 for Mike Young at Virginia Tech and let me tell you, the college hoops world is in a better place with him at a bigger program. This is the man that gave us Fletcher Magee. This is the man that gave us Wofford. Now we have him at Virginia Tech and delivering press conferences like this. I need more coaches like this. Open and end the press conference talking about needing a cold drink. Also that laugh that he opens with is perfect. I don't know why it keeps cracking me up, but this man is just ready for a beer. 

Other highlights: 

- Talking about the old guy on his team and changing his voice for whatever reason. 

- This face when talking about having to play a bunch of freshmen 

- Feeling like he was in the Exorcist during a walk

Also how about Virginia Tech fans absolutely flooding Clemson's twitter with pictures of Landers Nolley after he dropped 30? Feel bad for the person running social there. 

Gonna need all cameras on Mike Young at all times in a close game. Imagine if they beat Duke or Carolina? That interview will be out of control.