The Internet Thinking Tom Brady Dropped An N Bomb On Sunday Night Football is Hilarious

This is absolutely hilarious. Not the horrendous history behind such a terrible word and the implications and effects language can have on society and one group of oppressed people. But the internet, even if jokingly, saying that Tom Brady called Ed Reed the N word? That, my friends, in a vacuum, is fucking hysterical. “Ayyyye man, you my Kryptonite, n word!” As a blogger who latched on to literally anything and everything I possibly could to take this man down, I find it extremely funny that we have stooped this low. I mean this is a man that I said died in 9/11 and was recreated in a lab and is no longer even human. This is a man that I have said has engaged in incest with his own children. This is a man I have said has run a sex trafficking ring. And even I would never for a second think Tom Brady would drop an N bomb in the middle of Sunday Night Football. But he’s been around so long…been on our TVs so often…has been the center of attention for the longest of any superstar athlete ever…to the point that we have now encountered every single possible scenario down to him calling Ed Reed his n word. Just DIE ALREADY TOM BRADY. DIE! Or say it for real so that we can finally get rid of you. We all know you’re a racist. JUST SAY IT. FUCKING SAY IT AND RETIRE.