Troublesome News: LeBron Is Exhibiting A Lot Of Textbook Tendencies Of An Addict

When LeBron started saying Taco Tuesday, I’m sure he thought it was just something fun to do at parties with friends. It wasn’t a big deal. Just something to switch it up every once in a while. And then he started doing it at home by himself, with no one else around. It was no longer something he wanted to do, yet it became a need. Something he *had* to do to fulfill his *fix*. And no one intervened. No one tried to stop it. It kept growing out of control to the point where now he’s doing it at work. He can’t say no. Did you see what happened the second those bad influences mentioned Taco Tuesday? He went full Tyrone Biggums, shrieking like a marauder in the night.

He was squirming in his chair like it was being electrocuted. He simply could not help himself. He had to do it. He couldn’t not do it. I’m officially worried about LeBron. One of the great basketball players of all time succumbing to this is a tough scene and I hope someone, anyone steps in and gets him back on the straight and narrow before it’s too late.