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A Circus Bear In Russia (Rightfully) Mauled Its Trainer After Being Forced To Push A Wheelbarrow Around During A Show Like A Goddamn Shlep

I think I've made it pretty clear over the years that I am Team Human For Life. That allegiance may shift a bit if Jeff Bezos tries to take over the world with robots and his endless supply of money. But for the most part, I rock with my homo sapiens over all other challengers. 

However, the one time that bond is tested is when an animal is attacked (in this case given electric shocks) for having the unmitigated gall of acting like a wild animal while in captivity of humans. It could be a lion at the zoo attacking some asshole that jumped the fences of the lion exhibit, an idiot getting eaten alive by his illegal pet tiger he hid from the world, or something like this where a circus animal attacks its trainer after years of captivity. And I am ESPECIALLY Team Wildlife when those trainers make an animal do stupid human tricks, let alone try to steer a wheelbarrow around a stage as a clown eggs him on while a bunch of shitty kids shriek in delight. Have you ever tried to wheel a wheelbarrow around? That shit is tough even for us cultured beings at the very top of the evolutionary chain. Which is why anybody that makes some poor bear handle a wheelbarrow despite having razor blades for fingers and a half ton of weight being supported on hind legs that are used to half the burden deserves to be mauled and have their face eaten off.


Then again, this is Russia we are talking about and that bear may have actually been a construction worker for the circus that got fed up with the working conditions of whatever venue this was held at and unloaded a shitload of furry fury on that poor Rooskie son of a bitch. Because in Mother Country Russia a bear is not only an animal but also a comrade.

P.S. I still haven't gotten over finding out it was "Wheelbarrow" and not "Wheelbarrel", which happened much later in life than I care to admit.