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Dolphins Tackle Jonathan Martin Has An Emotional Breakdown Because Teammates Won't Sit With Him At Lunch

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PFT – Dolphins starting right tackle Jonathan Martin has walked out on the team. Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that Martin has “gone AWOL from the team the last couple days.” Glazer said Martin had an incident in the team cafeteria this week in which teammates jokingly said they wouldn’t sit with him, and that Martin’s reaction to the joke was that he “flipped out, smashed a food tray on the ground, took off, and they haven’t seen him since.” The Dolphins have listed Martin as doubtful for Thursday night’s game against the Bengals with an “illness” but have refused to divulge anything else about his status. Glazer also reported that Martin has gone into a treatment facility, but it is not clear what type of treatment Martin is receiving. Glazer said rumors that Martin had a confrontation with Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman are incorrect. Asked about Martin’s absence from practice today, Dolphins coach Joe Philbin told reporters that he would only discuss the players who practiced with the team today. Martin did not practice with the team today, and may not be with the team any time soon.

The fucking Dolphins. Whenever the Jets do something dysfunctional I immediately search for some Dolphins news. That always brightens my day. We get waxed by the Bengals? That sucks. But at least nobody from the O line is crying his eyes out because the team played a prank on him. Nobody is heading off to therapy to control your mental breakdown because nobody sat with you at the cafeteria. Hey bro quit fucking crying and just accept the fact that you’re Stephen Glansberg. Eat your pudding all by yourself and shut the fuck up.