A Tradition Unlike Any Other: Bob Huggins Showed Up To Big 12 Media Day Dripping In Sex Appeal

Good God, Coach Huggy Bear! Don't do it to them. Making women and men alike turn heads and check out the look. I mean it's beautiful. The personalized vest. The West Virginia shoes. The hair. The fact it's roughly the one time a year he actually dresses up not in a track suit. There's nothing better than Big 12 Media Day Bob Huggins. 

This is a big time bounce back look from a year ago: 

Who could forget the yellow vest from 2 years ago? 

Then in 2015 we had him ready for a FIJI tailgate in the SEC before a football game with these pants

The letterman's sweater in 2013 showed us he had class: 

2012, he meant business. Track suit. Power pose. 

Then of course the classiest of looks during a game: 

Sex. Appeal.