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The Mets Have Let Edgardo Alfonzo Go As Manager Of The Brooklyn Cyclones About A Month After He Led Them To A Championship

How nice of Brodie and the merry band of misfits in Queens to take Mets fans' minds off of the possibility of a Yankees/Nationals World Series by reminding them they lowkey hate their favorite team because they fire managers fresh off of a title. I get that Brodie may want to pick his own manager for his minor league teams. But we can all agree that firing a guy that just won a championship is at the very least bad optics for a team that can never get over the hump. 

Now that I think about it, maybe this went above Brodie on the Org Chart. We can all agree that it always appears the Mets would rather get close to a championship instead of finishing the job and winning one since that would mean the fans would have actual expectations for the franchise instead of talking themselves into whatever half measure the front office did during the winter before showing back up like a junkie looking to get their fix and don't care that the product has been stepped-on multiple times. In the end, I guess Edgardo Alfonzo was a victim of his own success. Luckily for the Wilpons, he isn't one of the most beloved Mets ever.

*thinks about it*

Oh wait, almost anyone that I've ever talked to about the 90s Mets included Fonzie as one of, if not their actual, favorite players! The Mets would never shoot themselves in the foot and create an unnecessary PR shitstorm for their fans to deal with as the one true big market team in the area is about to play a playoff game. Perhaps the Cyclones didn't like their manager all that much and won despite him.

*logs onto Twitter*

Wait a minute, they seem to like Edgardo or at least the experience of winning a championship with him!

As always, fuck this franchise.

Hey, it's time for a meme and some more Wilpon bashing!