Barstool Sports Changes The World Again: Not Even 24 Hours After Blogging About This Smoke Reporter Her Soccer Player Boyfriend Proposes

I’m starting to feel like I have some sort of weird blogging super power. This week is starting to show that. First, we had Memphis changing its penis court because of the blog.

And now less than 24 hours we have this happily engaged couple. I mean this was blogged yesterday.

And now I receive this tweet:

I have to say I don’t blame him. By him I of course mean Oleksander Zinchecko who plays for Manchester City and obviously Ukraine national team. The man is right in our demo of being 22-years old. Apparently he’s a huge hoops fan too since he HAS to be reading my blog. Only explanation for him proposing less than 24 hours. Pretty big jump from his quote after the Ukraine qualified for 2020 Euros:

Must have been one hell of a sex night. Congrats to the happy couple, although I hope Vlada Sedan doesn’t change her name because it’s an A+ name. Smart move locking her down.