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LaVar Ball Seems To Forget Lonzo Thinks His BBB Shoes Are Garbage, Says Lonzo Won't Ever Sign With Nike

You have to give LaVar credit, the man knows how to live in his own world and completely ignore everything that’s going on around him. To think that Lonzo Ball will turn down a Nike contract if they are interested to stay with BBB, shoes he doesn’t even wear and thinks are 100% garbage

which caused LaVar to basically shit on his own son

is some next level spinzone here by Lavar. Why on earth would Lonzo turn down a Nike contract to stay with a brand he wants nothing to do with? It’s not just him either, that seems to be a common theme.

I wonder what Lonzo thinks about all this. It’s pretty clear he wants to be his own man and make his own decisions and the no brainer decision here is to sign with Nike. They know what they’re doing when it comes to basketball shoes maybe you’ve heard of them. As someone who just wants to see Lonzo healthy and running wild in NO, my hope is that he wears shoes that won’t explode and risk injury.

On one hand you respect the attempt to make BBB a thing, you or I certainly haven’t tried to start a brand. But something tells me Lonzo and most likely Melo aren’t going to let BBB get in the way of future earnings. Then again LaVar seems to always be predicting shit so who the hell knows. At the end of the day though anyone with a brain is going Nike > BBB and not thinking twice.