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You're Never Going To Believe This But LaVar Ball Thinks The Pelicans Are Going To Win The NBA Title

What is this?!? LaVar Ball making a bold prediction? I’ve never heard of such a thing. It seems so unlike him. He’s always so calm. He’s always so down to Earth. He’s never once said something outrageous. He’s never once made a prediction.

Wait, that’s the same guy? This one?

It’s just good to see him and Lonzo making up after having a fallout with Lonzo leaving BBB and making his own decisions. I need the cocky LaVar back in my life. I need him doing this. Stay away from Lonzo in New Orleans but talk your shit whenever you can get a camera in front of you. It’s always gold.

I mean the Pelicans do have a good luck charm on their side in JJ Redick

The dude hasn’t missed the playoffs his entire career. There’s even a good chance that they are in contention for a playoff spot this year. I actually really like the Pels roster. It just fits perfect and Holiday/Ball can play together in the backcourt. They are deep. They are versatile, especially with Zion’s ability to play that small ball center. They have shooting. Plus, he can do fun shit like this

I think LaVar just convinced me that the Pelicans are now the favorite? That’s just Big Baller Brand lifestyle, I guess.