You Can't Be A Roller Briefcase Guy And Get The Cubs Job

I know I’ve been tough on Joe Girardi last few days around here. He’s interviewing for a job I want to go to David Ross and in the process I’ve said some mean things. Borderline unfair and I’d like to apologize for not being mean enough. I had no idea Joe Girardi was a briefcase roller guy. That completely changes the dynamic as I can spare myself the mental anguish of trying to convince Chief that he’s the wrong guy for the job. Now that we know Girardi rolls this decision is so much easier. No one has ever commanded respect while rolling a briefcase. That’s an IT supervisor at a mid market financial services firm move and everyone knows that guy gets shit on day in and day out. Now apply that to a big league clubhouse and tell me this isn’t a disastrous move. And honestly I expected more from Joe G.


Speaking of expectations.

As much love and respect I give to Theo Epstein, that business casual look needs an upgrade. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, I’ve seen bad banana republic on that man for too long. If I’m going to war with my preacher over his interpretation of Theo’s alpha male status I’m going to need the big guy to sharpen up a bit for the optics. Can’t be out here looking like you’re on the brown line home while I’m dying on your hill.

PS – The collar flop in this picture is downright unacceptable. All of these men should be ashamed.