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Another Great Story About Dan Snyder Demanding People Only Call Him "Mr. Snyder" Proves Just How Big Of An Asshole Danny Boy Really Is

Incredible. Can you even imagine? Of course you can, because it’s Dan Snyder we’re talking about. A 50 year old man picks up his kid and says “thanks Dan” and all Dan Snyder can say back is “it’s Mr. Snyder”. I ask again, can you even imagine? I’d be stunned. Stopped in my tracks. How do you even respond? What do you even say? You can’t, as a 50 year old man, call someone “Mr.” anything. But that’s just how big Danny Boy’s ego is. And I feel I can only refer to him as “Danny Boy” from now on. Or “Lil Dan Dan”. Or if anyone knows any names he absolutely hates. I like the sound of Lil Dan Dan. There’s no way he’d like anyone calling him Lil Dan Dan.

So this story corroborates the story from LaVar Arrington yesterday. Some people were iffy on the story, but turns out it’s true, it’s damn true. And it seems little by little, more stories like this are going to come out. Exhibit B:

Lil Dan Dan is the absolute worst. Just the absolute worst person on the planet.