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While You Were Sleeping LaMelo Ball Turned Some Defender's Ankles Into Rubbish, Paused And Then Did It A Second Time


I’ll admit I’m out here 100% as bring LaMelo Ball to the Knicks. The dude can absolutely play and the family seems to be getting its shit together in the sense of LaVar isn’t controlling every move/overthrowing Lithuanian coaches and organizations. So seeing something like this is pretty damn exciting on a Sunday morning.

This though? Absolutely filthy. Sure, you can get your jokes off about the league and whatever, but the NBL is actually a decent league. He’s not doing this against some dentist playing on the side. The league has dudes like Josh Boone (who blew the dunk here), Jerome Randle, Bryce Cotton, Melo Trimble, DJ Kennedy and more college names that you’d know.

I love everything about this. The fact that he crossed the dude, waited a second and then did it again? Shit, he even tried a 3rd time on that in-and-out move! That’s exactly what Madison Square Garden needs. Inject LaMelo Ball with Fizdale, RJ Barrett, Mitchell Robinson, Kevin Knox and let’s go super young and weird.