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This Is The Best Open Field Tackle In Oregon Football History

Lit. TF. Up. Just as it should be. I understand why players don’t always go this route and put a charge into fans who run onto the field. Things could certainly go awry in about a million different ways. But boy oh boy is it much funnier when they get in the mix and go full Terry Tate office linebacker on a civilian. I mean that person may never walk again. Never saw this hit coming in a billion years. Peripheral vision, spacial awareness, head swivelability all in the negatives. And their ability to stand up just plummeted as well.

Also shoutout the security guard at the bottom of the screen who celebrated the second the hit went down. That’s a guy who is thrilled his job just got substantially easier. I’d assume it’s substantially easier to transport an unconscious corpse than it is a drunk, adrenaline-fueled field stormer.