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University of Wyoming Feminist Makes Up Fake Rape Threat Against Herself On UW Crushes And Then Holds Rally Denouncing Rape Culture – The University of Wyoming Police Department says Meg Lanker-Simons created the anonymous threat of sexual violence targeted at her on social media last week. The university announced Tuesday that campus police cited Lanker-Simons for misdemeanor interference with a police investigation. Lanker-Simons accused an anonymous source of posting a threat of rape on the Facebook page “UW Crushes” on April 24. But the citation issued Monday claims Lanker-Simons admitted to making the post, then lying about it.

“I want to hatef— Meg Lanker- so hard,” the Facebook post read. “That chick that runs her liberal mouth all the time and doesn’t care who knows it. I think its hot and it makes me angry. One night with me and she’s gonna be a good Republican b—-.” The post sparked rape-culture awareness protests on Monday at the university.


This is AWESOME. Best fake rape threat ever. See this is what I’m up against people. This is what makes feminists so dangerous. Like if this chick lived in Boston she’d be crawling up my asshole ranting and raving about how I’m the antichrist. Organizing boycotts, making rap videos, running to the police about commentors saying how we promote rape culture. Meanwhile she’s flat out insane. Just making up fake rape threats and then holding rallies about it. You can’t teach this type of crazy.

And yes this reaffirms why we don’t let ugly chicks into our Blackout Parties. Last thing I need is some hairy feminist lying about getting assaulted at our events. You know they’d do it in a heartbeat too. I see you ugly girl. I know what you’re doing. Show me your armpits!