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The Girl Who Gave StarbucksDrakeHands Guy Her Number Says Shes Impressed With The Way He's Handled Himself

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Daily MailMeet Piper Kennedy, the 20-year-old who one man tried to impress by sending her a video of himself – that ended up being posted onto the Internet spawning a stream of imitations ridiculing his serenade. MailOnline can reveal Brody Ryan was the unfortunate guy who was doing the asking. In an exclusive interview, Piper said that both are taking it in jest and that she wanted to meet up with him given what has happened since he asked her out. She was confused and amused by the video he sent – but has been impressed with how he has handled himself since. Piper, a 32-24-34 blonde who is also a budding actress who has appeared in an episode of Glee, told MailOnline that the encounter happened two weeks ago at a Starbucks in West Hollywood. She said that she and Brody made eye contact and, to her surprise, he started making small talk and asked for her number. A few hours later the video arrived via text. Piper said: ‘I was just stunned. I was in tears of laughter. I couldn’t believe it. ‘I’ve never been sent anything like that before.’  She said that she was ‘stressed’ that Brody might be annoyed but last night she spoke to him on the phone and said was in ‘really good spirits’. Incredibly he asked her out again – and Piper agreed. She said: ‘He told me that when he sent the video he was just trying to be cute and genuine and that I took it the wrong way. “The way he’s handling it now is showing his personality but I don’t know if there will be romance. ‘We do need to see each other in person. There could be a funny friendship because it was such a unique way to meet somebody’.

Piper said: ‘I was just stunned. I was in tears of laughter. I couldn’t believe it. ‘I’ve never been sent anything like that before.’ I’m just gonna go ahead and read between the lines on the one and assume what Piper actually did was take her pants off an immediately begin hammering herself. Those weren’t tears of laughter. That was your pussy leakin girl. Enough with the hard to get routine. StarbucksDrakeHands Guy swept you right off your fucking feet and you are most certainly interested in his Charles Dickens. The “way he’s handling himself” is most certainly “showing his personality” because he’s handling himself like a motherfuckin pimp. There won’t be a “funny friendship” Piper – ain’t nothin friendly about it and the only thing funny is gonna be the way you’re walking in the morning.

Now cue the motherfucking music!