The New Houston Backcourt Is Still So Goddamn Weird To See

One of the best parts of Media Day is seeing all the players who changed teams rock their new uniforms. Sometimes it’s really weird like when Tony Parker rocks a Hornets jersey or Rondo a Lakers jersey, and even though these two were teammates before and the photoshops have been on the internet since the Westbrook trade was first announced there’s just something weird about seeing these two officially together in the new Rockets uniform.

I mean it’s not that long ago, in fact only a handful of months, that almost every Rockets fan hated Russell Westbrook. Just last night I had dinner with a buddy of mine who is a DIE HARD Rockets fan and big time Westbrook hater and he spent the whole dinner talking about how he didn’t know what the hell to do now that he has to convince himself that Westbrook’s style of play can actually bring this team a title. Personally, I think given where these two are in terms of their careers that this pairing can work. The giant question is obviously Westbrook’s inability to even be a slightly terrible three point shooter, and then there’s the whole usage issue, but to me Westbrook is certainly an upgrade over Chris Paul. The good news is Westbrook already looks every bit the maniac we’re used to even though he’s on a new team

With a handful of other teams also having their media days today, seeing Kyrie/Durant in BKN uniforms for example, didn’t look as weird to me as this does. Maybe it’s because all season we sort of expected that move. This pairing came out of nowhere and it’s going to be another mindfuck once we see them on the court together. Seeing as how the Rockets keep talking about how this season is basically NBA title or bust, the whole thing is going to be absolutely fascinating to watch.