Seven Foot Seven Inch Tacko Fall Learning To Swim With A Bunch Of Little Kids Is The Purest Thing You'll Ever See

Source - It’s never too late to learn how to swim, just ask this 7-foot-7 NBA big man. Celtics center Tacko Fall took swimming lessons Wednesday alongside the children at the Charlestown Boys & Girls Club, according to

Fall, who towered over the youngsters, fully participated in the session, practicing introductory exercises like kicking and pushing off the wall. A round of “Marco Polo” capped the 30-minute lesson.

“I never learned how to swim, which is crazy because I lived right by the ocean back in Senegal,” Fall said. “I don’t want to say I was a homebody, but my mom wouldn’t let me go out a lot. I used to go to school and go back home, but I never really got to enjoy the beaches as much.”

Fall, who said he “can stand in most pools,” has previously had aquatic workouts, but this marked his first swimming lesson. He expressed an interest in returning to the club, so that he can continue his learning.

I think I just fell in love with Tacko Fall…Scratch that, I think the whole city of Boston just fell in love with Tacko Fall…Scratch that again, I think the whole world just fell in love with Tacko Fall. I mean, how can you not love the guy after watching that video? It’s the purest thing I’ve ever seen. He could’ve easily taken private lessons, but he didn’t. Instead he hopped in the pool with a bunch of little shits from Charlestown (yah) and kicked until his legs were sore. A true man of the people. I know a lot of you are probably thinking, “But Pat, he’s 7’7″! Why does he need to learn how to swim?” Well my friends, Boston is an aquatic city. We’ve got rivers up the ass that are much deeper than Tacko is tall.

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Granted, your skin will burn off before you drown, but still, it’s all about safety. Swimming is a necessary life skill and not one that he learned in Senegal. So more credit to you, Tacko. I’m sure some people are going to make fun of you but don’t listen to them. You’re doing the right thing. And if the Celtics don’t work out, stick with swimming. You’ve got the length to go pro.