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Keaton Parks Scores His First MLS Goal As NYCFC Wins And Increases Their Lead To 6 Points

San Jose Earthquakes v New York City FC

What a game! A HORRIFIC start lead to yet another one of the clubs come-from-behind goals (first place in the league, not to brag) as the club put some distance between them and Philly for the top spot in the east.

It quite literally pains me to report this, but they let Chris Wondolowski squeak past a tap-in around the 20th minute. Yes, that same 900 year-old man who seems to defy me at every turn. They rebounded in a huge way, literally. Keaton Parks took a tough dribble up straight up the gut and layed it off to GMS who fired a rocket that was deflected, poorly cleared, and set up for a rebound right into the back of the net by Parks. Congrats on your first MLS goal big fella!

They kept that momentum going, scoring just minutes later on the the Treats ROCKET you can watch up above. Sean Johnson was the hero of the game yet again, deflecting and saving all sorts of shots on incredibly difficult angles. The defense has been very suspect outside of Chanot the past few outings, and that is something they will need to shore up going into the playoffs. I’m not sure is 5-2-3 or something might be better, but 4-1-4-1 has opened up a lot of ground for opposing strikers to get open. As another general note, Taty fell and complained a lot this game. He absolutely got fucked over last game, sure, but it’s time to put the blinders on. Just play hard and stay upright. That note goes to Callens too. My inner high school centre back screamed out when he fell in his own box and hoped for a foul while the ball was still in play.  They play at Dallas on the 22nd next.