The Back to the Future Hoverboard Has Arrived But It Probably Really Hasn't But I'm Going to Pretend It Has

This video is ripping up and tearing down the Internet today. Everyone and their sister has asked me if I’ve seen it. Which means a lot to me, by the way. From the outset, I don’t see why this video should be fake. Why would Tony Hawk lie to me? Why would Christopher Lloyd look me in the eyes and spit on my dreams? They wouldn’t. This hover board is real. The future is here. I won’t travel any other way besides hover board from now on. That’s obviously not true, but I wish it was.

We already have the self-tying shoes on the way, and now the hoverboard is here. The future is now. We’re living in the future.





PS: Moby is still the worst. Go away, Moby.


PS: I also need the water jetpack. Immediately.