Happy NFL Season To Rex Ryan - Lamar Odom's Girlfriend Posts A #MCM Of Him Sucking Her Toes In A Car While Naming Random Basketball Players

Chalk this up to if I have to see it, you have to see it. More importantly, happy NFL opening day to Rex Ryan because he 100% has seen it. Good for Lamar Odom though. The dude has given up porn. He’s almost died. If he wants to suck his girl’s feet while in the back of a car and naming random 90s hoopers, go do it. Live your life. Look at the run of headlines for Odom lately:

My real question is why is his girlfriend posting this? I guess it shows that stars are truly like us because there are a million dudes out there pissed that their girl posted a dumbass MCM one time. Granted it probably didn’t involve sucking toes, but you get the point.

So happy opening day!