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Watching Tony Hawk Play Tony Hawk's Pro Skater On The Game's 20th Anniversary Is Proof That We're Living In The Greatest Era

So the other day Tony Hawk hopped on Twitter [dot] com and made a pretty random, yet highly important, request. He was in need of an original version of THPS just to mess around with for the weekend. And even though the internet is often a horrible place filled with some of the most worthless individuals, the internet is also typically pretty great for moments like this. So it only took a couple of hours for Tony Hawk to get his hands on one of the games after putting out the original tweet.

Now we still weren’t sure what the exact purposes were for the video game. I mean getting high and playing the original Pro Skater honestly sounds like a fantastic way to spend a night, so that would be totally cool if that was all Tony Hawk had in mind for his weekend plans. But as it turns out, things were even a little more nostalgic than that. Turns out that the game had just turned 20 years old and Tony wanted to absolutely destroy the halfpipe in the Warehouse for the game’s anniversary.

The look back after drilling that switch Kickflip McTwist? That’s how you know this legend still has it, and he’ll never lose it. Most people could only dream about landing a switch Kickflip McTwist that cleanly. Tony Hawk can do it in his sleep after not even touching the game for years. And if you remember from the interview I did with my close personal friend Tony Hawk, then you know that he doesn’t put in any of the cheat codes to play the game. And while “integrity” definitely plays a big role in Tony Hawk refusing to use the cheat codes, it’s mostly because he’s just too damn good at the game on his own to even need them.

So for anyone out there questioning whether or not Tony Hawk threw the moon gravity cheat on in order to land that trick, there’s not a doubt in my mind that he’s out there playing the game clean. Because that’s just the type of legend that Tony Hawk is. But if we’re being honest and open with each other here…I was more of a Bucky Lasek guy while playing the games. I always felt like using Tony Hawk was a cheat code itself. So maybe that’s why he’s still so good. But I guess if you’re Tony Hawk, you’ve earned that right.

P.S. – The most important playlist known to man. The complete Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater playlist.  Just shuffle and enjoy.