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Josh Rosen Should Retire; Dolphins Trade Laremy Tunsil To The Texans


The Dolphins are officially TANKING tanking. Two first rounders and a second for a receiver they didn’t want bashing their owner publicly anymore and their best lineman. Miami trading for Clowney never made sense – he didn’t fit their timeline and he wasn’t going to re-sign longterm, so picking up two firsts and a second feels like a massive haul here.

From Houston’s perspective: they just watched Andrew Luck retire last week. They can’t risk having Deshaun Watson rack up unnecessary hit after unnecessary hit behind a bum offensive line for another season. I’m sure they’d love to have Clowney and a competent offensive line. But they didn’t, so here they are. Stills gives them Will Fuller insurance once he goes down with his yearly injury. It’s a steep price, but if it keeps Watson vertical it was the right move swapping out contract year Clowney for Tunsil.

For the Dolphins: Josh Rosen just watched Andrew Luck retire last week. His parents invented brain surgery or some shit like that. I know he enjoys playing football but I’m sure he enjoys eating food as well. Something he surely will no longer be able to do should he take any snaps behind a now Tunsil-less line. After playing behind a dogshit offensive line in Arizona last year I have no idea why he’d want to subject himself to the punishment this Dolphins’ offensive line is about to put him and Fitzmagic through. Especially when it feels super obvious that Miami is embracing the tank and looking towards Tua or Herbert for their long term solution under center. Call it a career, maybe come back in a year or two for a team with even a mediocre line and no quarterback presents itself.