Dave Grohl Should Make A Foo Fighters Album With His 13 Year Old Daughter At This Point

(Song starts around 3:30)

Listen, not to get weird and emotional before noon on a Friday, but…that was kinda really fucking beautiful, was it not? I mean…shit!

I’ve blogged previous duets Dave Grohl has performed with his daughter, Violet, before, but this one obviously takes the cake.

In front of tens upon thousands of rabid fans at Leeds Festival 2019, in the midst of a headlining set, Dave brings Violet out to the front of the stage to sing ‘My Hero’, a track which he says she wanted to sing. He starts it off, and she joins in hitting the harmonies in – dare I say – a very Stevie Nicks sorta fashion.

This was ‘My Hero’ like I’ve never heard it before, and I’ve heard just about every version of ‘My Hero’ ever performed. Not only do I think this should become a regular addition to the Foos set, but I think it’s time Dave just sits his daughter Violet down and says, “Let’s make a rock n’ roll record.”

She’s obviously super into all this shit right now, touring with her dad, idolizing Billie Eilish to the level she is, so why not capitalize and make an “Echoes, Silence, Patience, & Grace” mixed with “Rumours” style record?! Maybe I’m jumping the gun, but that was a reaaaally special performance. Really special.

Here’s some other videos of the adorable pair…