This Adam Ottavino Slider Broke The Laws of Physics

I’ve watched this pitch close to 100x now and it’s completely broken my brain.  It took a goddamn left hand turn about 8 feet before the plate.  I’m not embellishing when I say that this pitch might be the filthiest pitch I’ve ever seen and I’ve watched a pretty decent amount of baseball in my life.  I’m at the point where I think the Pitching Ninja dude has figured out a way to doctor his GIFs that he tweets out to make them look all the filthier.

Kinda reminiscent of Cory Kluber striking out Jose Abreu a few years ago:

That spin is so goddamn tight it’s ridiculous.  My knees are buckling just looking at these vids.  Oh, and now that we’re on the topic of sliders remember when Chris Sale struck out Mark Trumbo on a pitch that hit him on his kneecap?

Trumbo’s walk of shame back to the dugout will never not be funny here.  Just ridiculous amounts filth, straight up baseball porn.  I’d love to stand in the batter’s box off one of these guys just to see how filthy some of these pitchers are in person.