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High Stakes Monopoly + GIVING AWAY (Real) CASH TOO

Watch High Stakes Barstool Sports Monopoly – AND WE’RE GIVING AWAY (Real) CASH TOO LIVE NOW from barstoolsports on

High Stakes Monopoly with myself, Mush, Glenny, and Dos Vodka Don. On top of betting our souls on a 100-year-old board game, Rich Uncle Smittybags here is giving away REAL money to YOU! The peasants! All you gotta do is watch live, linger in the chat, and whenever anyone lands on the Luxury Tax (4th spot on the board), someone gets paid!

Just type out your Venmo in the chat after it happens and we’ll pick out someone at will. Also, the money sent will GO UP after each landing on the tax, so the longer you stick around the more straight cash homie you may be able to win.

Let’s do some Capitalism, baby. 100% more fair than what Epic Games has to offer.