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The Haters Will Be Furious To See This New Video Of Ben Simmons Knocking Down Shot After Shot

“bUt It DoEsN’t MaTtEr UnTiL hE mAkEs OnE iN a ReAl GaMe”

Take a hike, losers. I know that it’s not in a real game. I get that it’s just an open gym run in the summer. But Ben Simmons is out here drilling every shot in the book and there’s nothing you can say that can change that. People (read: idiots) will constantly bring up the point that these types of videos don’t matter because they only show the shots he makes and everybody looks good in the summer.  But those same idiots would be the people bitching about Ben Simmons not working on his shot this summer if these videos weren’t getting put out there.

I just hope the haters enjoyed their final remaining days of enjoyment.  Because Ben Simmons learned how to shoot and it’s pure domination from this point out. At this point I’m just concerned that Ben Simmons might actually be bad for basketball. Nobody is going to care about the NBA anymore after the Sixers win the next 10 championships in a row. Pray for Kendall.