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Good News: Liverpool's Goalie Adrian Made A Ridiculous PK Save To Win The Super Cup, Bad News: A Fan Wearing Jorts Snuck Onto The Field, Slipped And Hurt Adrian

Got a classic good news, bad news situation on our hand if you’re a Liverpool fan (note: fuck Liverpool, COYS). Good news, you beat Chelsea in PKs to win the SuperCup. Your back up goalie, Adrian, made a ridiculous save on the 5th PK to win. Pretty good feeling since your starting GK Alisson is out for a few weeks.

But then during the celebration a fan snuck onto the pitch. Just classic European soccer if you ask me. Everything from the fan sneaking into the celebration and the jorts. It’s exactly what I picture, just need to add in a scarf. Of course he falls and essentially slide tackles Adrian in the back of his leg and naturally he’s questionable for the next match.

Gotta love fans.

This dude also has to realize the situation. We’re talking about the SuperCup here. This is a glorified friendly in a way. We’re not talking about winning the EPL. We’re not talking about winning the Champion’s League. You gotta pick your time and spot, homie. Also why celebrate on the field? You gotta sneak into the after party, you gotta sneak somewhere else. I say after party because there’s a chance you can hang out with Firmino and Fabinho’s WAGs.