Wanna See A Naked Marine Bowl Other Naked Marines In The Shower At Marine Combat Training?

I hate seeing videos like this because it just proves stereotypes about my beloved Corps. Look at this young Marine. Some might see a hard charger ready to take the battle to the enemy. I see leadership failure across the board. Where is his leadership instructing him to put on sunscreen? You think this devil dog is tougher than the sun? The fucking sun? The only thing that stands in the way of a Marine and victory is becoming undisciplined and skin cancer. Reapply, Marines. The primary, secondary, and tertiary applications are all equally important.

Legal Disclaimer: This video does NOT count as nudity because it was a male ass with only partial testicle shadow. Thank you.

Also, this shock troop was having a great time in the shower and thought he was being hilarious sending the video to our pal Max at Terminal Lance. I have a feeling he wont be having a great time when his leadership brings him in tonight. There’s no question it will be tonight too. Delicious.