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Cop Closes The Trunk On His Hand In Front Of A Bunch Of Skaters And You Won't Believe What Happens Next!

When I said, "you won't believe what happens next",  I literally meant "you won't believe what happens next." The second I saw that kid farting around with the door I thought he was going to go for a joy ride. He was being so sneaky about it I thought the cop was distracted. I didn't even know his hand was caught in the trunk until the kid started frantically yelling to his buddies for help. Not something you see too often from skaters when it comes to cops.



You get the idea. Poor guy's going to be walking around like Mr. Hands from Scary Movie. Shout out to these dudes for doing the right thing. Changing the stereotype that skaters are nothing more than angstie teenaged punks one good deed at a time!


PS: Me after three drinks. 
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