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Roman Reigns Almost Decapitated A Cameraman On The Set Of 'Hobbs & Shaw'

On the long list of people I would NOT like to throw a wooden club at my dome…Roman Reigns is near the top. That footage from the actual dude who got hit was straight up TERRIFYING. Roman’s got his “OOO-AHH” face on, looks like he’s actually pissed, and then WOOSH – club to the skull.

Oh, and I should say this before we go any further here – I’ve never seen a Fast & Furious movie. Well…I’ve seen ‘Tokyo Drift’ but every time I bring that up I’m told it doesn’t really count. Oh well! I’ve got nothing against em, and I think I’d really like them if I got into them, I just haven’t started the binge yet. This ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ movie looks super dope though. Idris Elba as what has only been described as “Black Superman”? In the words of the Champ Champ…

Back to Roman Reigns’ attempted murder, though, you know that phenomenon of “Oh shit!” energy that rushes through your body and brain that slows down time when you release a throw that is DEFINITELY off the mark and going to hit somebody? Imagine how extreme that had to be here. Usually it’s just like, “Damn. That tennis ball is gonna hit Billy.” Now it’s “OH MY GOD I MIGHT’VE JUST GIVEN A MAN PERMANENT BRAIN DAMAGE!”

Being he’s all good, though…hilarious! I’d watch The Rock and Roman Reigns talk about shooting this movie all day. Just seems like a great time.