Turkey Hates Enes Kanter So Much They Sent Goons To Shut Down His Basketball Camp For Kids In New York


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Jesus, Enes Kanter vs Turkey is some serious shit. I mean we’ve talked about it a bunch. Just look at some of these headlines


In case you’re unaware of what’s going on. Enes Kanter has publicly against Tayyip Erdogan and supporting Fetullah Gulen, who Turkey views as a terrorist. Therefore Turkey views Kanter as a terrorist.

Things have been WILD over the last few years if you’ve followed Kanter vs Turkey. His dad was arrested. They don’t broadcast his games in Turkey or ever mention his name. He can’t talk to his family. They revoked his passport and are trying to throw him in Turkish jail. He couldn’t travel to London or Toronto for games for fear of death and not being able to get back to the United States. And those are just a few examples.

But now they are shutting down kids camp in New York. That’s just wild. I can’t imagine being Enes. Literally always having to look over your shoulder and sleep with a goddamn panic button.

I’ll still never forgive the NCAA for fucking Enes over and keeping him out the entire year he was at Kentucky too. Now he’s stuck playing in Boston. Guy just can’t catch a break.