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Finding Out That Frank The Tank Gets Pizza Delivered Into His Basement Apartment Like A Ninja Turtle May Be My Favorite #TankFact Ever

What a goddamn perfect and completely on brand moment by Frank Fleming. Just when I thought I couldn’t be more amazed by the legend known as Frank The Tank AKA Frankie Midnight AKA Frankiecyclopedia who has been grinding away on the Sports Ecyclopedia since before Barstool was even a twinkle in Dave Portnoy’s eye, Frank casually mentions that he has been getting his pizza delivered like Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo, and Raphael for more than a decade.

It’s absolutely BUHNANUHS to think that the pizza empire Portnoy has built with the One Bite app featuring unlimited celebrity cameos and incredible comedic moments isn’t even the most revolutionary pizza-related move here at Barstool. Instead it’s Frank Fleming getting a pie handed off through his living room window like an absolute king and making the delivery process easier for everyone involved in the transaction. What a renaissance man responsible for a mental visual may be my favorite Frank The Tank moment yet, which is saying something because it would be better than an entire cooking show devoted to making Kool-Aid.

Better than the infamous video of a blackout occurring while Frank fashioned a new hole in his belt

Better than Frank’s neighbor barging into Frank’s apartment like Kramer and into our hearts after the Dolphins beat the Patriots in last year’s lateral game


And dare I say even better than the Victory Worm

Okay, not better than the Victory Worm. But still yet another Real Men Of Genius moment by The Tank, who promised that he will stream his next delivery to show how the entire process goes down.

The craziest part of all this is how organic the reveal happened. Frank is an onion, with layers of fun facts we haven’t even come close to peeling. If you want more of Frank The Tank, make sure to subscribe to his podcast on iTunes.

P.S. In case the mental visual of Frank pretty much turning his apartment into a drive-thru wasn’t enough for you, just imagine what the scene is like for people going for a lovely evening stroll in New Jersey before passing by Frank’s apartment as he screams at the moon about Mickey Callaway and Edwin Edlose Diaz grasping another defeat from the jaws of victory. Pure hilarity.