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I Tried To Buy A Ghost On Craigslist




I have a male Ghost for sale. He came into my house when I purchased a old wooden chest. He is attached to the Chest. The chest comes along with the Ghost. He is attached to it. What ever room I put the chest in, he hangings around it. If I try to hide the Chest, he searches for it and even gets mad if he can’t find it for awhile. You get the chest and the Ghost for $300.00. please email
Pics of Ghost and chest included.



Full disclosure, I almost didn’t want to post these emails, that’s how heartbroken I am over this. You know the saying “it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”. Well that does not apply to ghost ownership. It’s far better to never know about a ghost for sale than to become aware and get swindled out of a deal. Anyway, the emails.



Saw your ad for your ghost. Couple of quick questions.
1) Scary or nice? Scale of Slimer to Vigo, where would this ghost land?
2) How big is the ghost? My apartment isn’t huge, not trying to get suffocated every day by this ghost, he has to respect my space.
3) Does the ghost get along with dogs?
4) Notice you’re in Wisconsin, is the ghost a Packers fan? Sort of a deal breaker.  
5) Is it one of those ghosts that’s going to try and jerk me off while I sleep. Not judging gay people  but I’m not into that sort of stuff so I would rather not have a gay ghost that tries to fuck me all the time. 
Think that’s about it. Let me know and I can come talk a look at this ghost.
Hi there. I cant answer any of your questions, and if you showed up with $1000.  I would not and could not sell to you.  This is serious.  I pissed it off once and it hurt me.  I have pics.  I have also played around with it and had a little fun. I have a video of that.  If I try to send it off with just anyone, it will hurt me.  I am not a quack and this is real.
So the price just went from 300 to 1,000? I have to admit, I like the way that you do business. Now I want the ghost even more. You called my bluff.
Can I see the video? How did it hurt you? Do you have any measurements? I’m 6’2.5” (nbd), 230 lbs. You seem small, are you small? Unless this ghost is a giant I’ll put him in a Sharpshooter before he can say boo.
Let me know, I’m not a quack either fyi.


Do you have a face book account?  Videos are to big to go through email? 
I was in bed one night, talking on the phone and yes I was talking about the spirit. The phone went dead and something jumped on me and I tried to pull away. My ceiling light exploded and pain shot through my legs.  When all was claim,  I jumped up to find my legs all bruised and a big red mark arcoss my chest.  The spirit is maybe 5’8 – 6′ tall.  You will need to download VIDEOPAD VIDEO EDITOR
You can slow the video down and stop it to see the man spirit.  That’s what I did and I clipped it to see it better.  When it enters a room, it comes in a Black mist and then the guy appears out of the mist.  he is always wearing black jeans and no shirt. Cant make out his head or face ever. Younger looking body and of coarse you can see through him.
I have a Paranormal team that looked at it all and they were in Awh. They are very interested in buying the chest.  I will send pics in email but videos wont work.  Also I have a video where it came into my bedroom and woke me by moving a cup behind me on the head board. For fun I videoed it and played with it. When I stopped videoing it, it threw the cup at me, hitting me in the face. In truth, It does make me a little nervous at times.
2 minutes later
HI there. Chest is gone, a Paranormal person bought it.  It was for real.
You didn’t even give me a chance to counter offer. I’m new to this craigslist ghost market but that seems like a faux pas no? Not saying I’m going to send a different ghost to haunt your house but if I buy one somewhere else who’s to say what that ghost will do you know? Maybe he likes Wisconsin and wants to live there? I’m not going to tell my future ghost what he can and can’t do. Something to think about. 

How much did he sell for by the way? 
Also, not for nothing but black jeans on a ghost makes me think he may in fact be gay. That’s a bold fashion risk that straight guys wouldn’t usually take. Probably for the better the ghost didn’t live in my apartment now that I’m talking out loud you know? 
Alright, let me know if your ghost is still for sale, I’ll offer you 250 cash and a plastic bench, it seats two.
I sold it
350, no bench
It’s gone
But it’s a ghost, how can you be sure?
Nevermind, forgot you said it was for real.
And that was that. Poof, gone. So close, so far. Like I said at the beginning, there may be no worse feeling in the world than having a ghost in your hand and letting it slip away.