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Lady Gaga Is Posting Make-Up Free Selfies From Bed And Looks...OK?




Hey Lady, you’re scaring us. Actually…I’m not gonna lie, she doesn’t look half bad. Sure, she still looks a bit dusty, but I was expecting a make-up free, just awakened Lady Gaga to look a LOT more ragged. I’m talking halfway on the ferry to Tranny Island. NOBODY looks good right when they wake up, so if Lady Gaga can pull it off I suppose anyone can. Time to put the hypothesis to the test. Yes, it may be 4 pm but as a blogger we’re always in wake-up mode. Blue Steel, take over:


Next Stop: Poundtown. Population: You. That’s assuming my neck could survive the trip under that weight. Seriously. Some air needs to be let out of those cheeks before someone gets hurt.