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Why Are My Colleagues So Down On The New York Mets? I Love This Team!

So I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t follow Mets baseball. But I do follow my esteemed colleagues KFC and Clem on the social media platform called Twitter. And they remind me just about nightly that the New York Mets are an absolute dumpster fire and hands down the worst organization in all of sport. So when I saw that my rival and team I desperately need to lose, the Minnesota Twins, were hosting these Mets in a two game series, I did not have high hopes at all. The Twins liked their chances heading into the series. Source:

Maybe the Mets could take one game? Maybe? But just two days later, I may be the new biggest Mets fan at the company!

Let’s go Mets!! Am I reading that correctly, 14 runs?? Hey Twins, you can’t lose to bad teams in a pennant race! Especially when the WWIndians are HOT again. We’ve got the Tigers at home tonight with a chance to get the lead down to 4 games!!


Unfortunately for me, the Twins are officially done with their kryptonite, the 44-51 Mets, for the year. Thank you for your service this week, KFC and Clem. And I will say this to Mets fans: the Twins are a very strong wild card contender! You guys are not out of it yet. You just need to believe!

MLB: New York Mets at Philadelphia Phillies