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Wegman's Is Coming To Boston - In a major speech today before 500 business and civic leaders, Mayor Thomas M. Menino is scheduled to announce that Wegmans Food Market will open its first Boston store in the Landmark Center in the Fenway. Wegmans, a family-run supermarket chain popular for its expansive selection and friendly atmosphere, has 81 stores in six states. Its first store in Massachusetts opened in 2011 in Northborough. A year ago, the Globe reported that the New York-based company came to Boston to scout locations for a potential store.

I think I wrote this when the first Wegmans came to Northborough, but I don’t get Wegmans. What is it? A supermarket where they are friendly? Why are people freaking out about it?  What type of maniac would wait in line to go grocery shopping? Why is it the lead story on right now? I mean it’s a fucking supermarket. How awesome could it be? Don’t get me wrong. I take my supermarkets seriously. I go to the Fruit Center in Milton and the place is legit as hell. But that’s kind of my point. I just don’t see how any supermarket could ever be better than the Fruit Center. I mean Menino really had to hold a press conference to announce it is coming? I guess I’m going to have to check it out, but if don’t get my dick sucked by a pear or something I’m gonna chalk it up as a major disappointment.