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Awesome Video Of Steph Curry Breaking Down The Infamous Kobe Play

I love stuff like this. You always wonder what’s going through an athlete’s head when they’re in these types of situations, so anytime they give insight it’s fascinating. Kobe was trying to get his “competitive fire back” one year after a gruesome Achilles injury so what does he do? He plays full court D against the soon to be league MVP on back-to-back plays. No one in the league has that kind of intensity anymore. I know as a Celtics fan I’m not supposed to say this, but I miss watching him play. The best part is that Steph remembered what he did to him four years prior during his rookie year and never forgot it. I feel like every player has a “welcome to the league” moment and a moment where they earn the respect of veteran players. This was an example of the latter. My favorite example of the former, is Kobe embarrassing Dwight. People don’t forget.