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Wake Up With A "Did You Know": It Is Almost Impossible To Exterminate Coyotes

Throughout the history of the American West there has been a campaign to rid lands of coyotes because of their impact on farming and ranching. Coyotes just run around terrorizing chicken coups. Unlike the campaign against Wolves the coyote exterminantion never worked because the more coyotes that get killed, the more they procreated. That famous coyote howl

it acts as a roll call. A normal coyote litter size runs between 4 and 5 puppies. HOWEVAH, if the female does a roll call howl and the population is sparse based on these calls, the female will generate more pups. They’re effectively taking a census with the howling. A low census causes a chemical or metabolic change in breeding females and they’ll have as many as nine puppies in the litter to make up for the population loss. Coyotes are now in 49 states. The only state they’re not in is Hawaii. It’s because they can’t have their population controlled because of this weird ass breeding phenomenon.