The Gun That Was Used In The Rogers Park Killings Has Turned Up In Two Shootings On The West Side

I know this isn’t the type of thing that we typically cover here on Barstool, but this whole situation is actually pretty frightening so I thought it deserved a blog in hopes that people may pay more attention to it.

The two videos above catch you up to speed on what happened in Rogers Park in October. From what’s been said this guy was just walking up to people and shooting them in the back of the head and then running away.

Just a super sad/eerie situation as you get a full glimpse of this guys appearance/walk as he’s carrying out these heinous acts.

Since that’s happened though it’s been somewhat quiet besides people occasionally writing in Neighborhood Watch groups that they’ve seen him and to stay in your house.

That’s until this news broke a couple days ago:

Chicago police have concluded that the same gun that killed two men in execution-style slayings last fall in the Rogers Park neighborhood was later used in separate shootings on the West Side, the Chicago Tribune has learned.

The fatal shootings just 36 hours apart of Douglass Watts, who was gay, and Eliyahu Moscowitz, an Orthodox Jew who wore traditional religious attire, shook the culturally diverse Far North Side community, sparking fears at the time that a serial killer bent on hate crimes might be on the loose.

Two weeks after their slayings, someone pulled the trigger on the same .40-caliber gun more than 10 miles away in the West Side’s Lawndale neighborhood, wounding two men following a petty dispute, according to police reports obtained by the Tribune through a public records request.

Then in late March, the same weapon was used in yet another shooting about half a mile west of the United Center, the reports show. No one was injured in that shooting.

Despite the ballistic matches on shell casings found at all four shootings, police appear no closer to solving the two Rogers Park killings because the gun has not been recovered.

I have no idea if this just means that he’s migrated to the West Side or if he ditched the gun when he caught a bunch of heat in October, but it’s frightening nonetheless.

As I already said the whole reason for posting this is to keep your head on a swivel/speak up if you know something.

Hopefully this dude’s caught soon.