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NYC Rent Now Averages $3,000 A Month - I Gotta Get The Fuck Out Of Here

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Huff Po – New data confirms what everybody already knows about living in New York City: The rent is too damn high. The average rent on an apartment in New York City shot up to $3,017 a month this quarter, according to data compiled by REIS, a real estate research firm (REIS’s numbers didn’t account for the forgotten borough of Staten Island.) The average rent on an apartment in the United States of America? Only a little over $1,000 a month. For more on the REIS report, head over to The Wall Street Journal. Meanwhile, The New York Times reports the average price to buy a Manhattan apartment was a “stratospheric $1.425 million” this spring. In 2011, 46 percent of New Yorkers were considered either poor or almost-poor. The income gap in New York City is comparable to those of some sub-Saharan African countries.

There’s really only 2 reasons to live in this city – 1) The commute, 2) Get laid. I work from home and I settled down with one broad so guess fucking what? There ain’t NO reason for me to be in this God forsaken hell hole. Now you gotta understand a lot of these numbers about rent and income are so skewed by a few high end bazillionaires in Manhattan, and some downright poor people in poverty in some outer boroughs. I’ve always paid between $1,200 and $1,400. But you pile up other bills and cost of living and shit and its easily up around $3,000. Hot as fuck in the summer. Bitter cold in the winter. Pretty dirty and smelly. Solid number of homeless. All for 3 grand!

Now you’re in Newwww Yorrrrrk. Concrete jungle with an income gap comprable to sub-Saharan African countries! There’s nothing you can’t doooooo! (Except live here for a reasonable cost)