Mariah Carey Took Her Shot At The Bottle Cap Challenge By Blasting The Top Off Using Only Her Voice

No offense to John Mayer, Conor McGregor, Big Cat, Robbie Fox, and any other person of that level of celebrity that has done the #BottleCapChallenge. But Mariah Carey and her banshee voice just took them all down in one fell swoop. Not only because that is some X-Men shit (or Photoshop shit since I’m still not sure how the hell that happened). But because it means that Mariah Carey is officially #back. The songbird of a generation and perhaps the most legendary diva of our time used to pop off high notes like that during breakfast, slap it on an album, and watch that bitch go quadruple platinum. Then things slowly went off the rails the last few years, ending in that infamous New Year’s Eve performance.

However Mariah moving objects with her voice again is like Kenny Powers hitting triple digits on the radar gun. Not only is the physical talent back, but so is the mojo. We are talking Emotions level of Mariah with a piercing voice that could outperform an entire stadium of 12s during a Seahawks playoff game.

Once the voice and juju come back, you know the over-the-top-diva responsible for maybe the most incredible Cribs episode ever will return shortly thereafter.

And once that song making diva is back, the world is a better place on the radio and on TV.

P.S. As impressive as that bottle cap challenge was, no Mariah tweet will ever stop me dead in my tracks like this one did.

If you want to stick out on a muddled timeline in order to raise money for charity, you cannot top throwing a picture of you and Beyonce in a tweet while also calling back to 2 Girls, 1 Cup.

Mariah Carey: Social media genius. Who knew?