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It Appears The Clippers Are NOT Out of Contention For Kawhi, And It Must Be Asked: Is Chris Broussard The Worst Professional In Our Industry?

Hand up, I’ll admit that I completely missed the Kawhi news last night. I was tossing back 7.2% pale ales down at the local brewing company, and my ass was in bed by midnight. I thought nothing good ever happened after midnight?? So while I take complete responsibility for my actions, I would also like to point out the complete lack of respect from the West Coast. 2 am??? I see how it is. I’ll be sure to return the favor next time there’s a long streak on Jeopardy that ends over here at 7:00 for me, 4:00 for you.

Anyways, the point of this blog is not to break the news that Kawhi is now a Clipper. The point of this blog is to ask what in the world Chris Broussard gets paid to do? The reason that this move is so shocking to the world is because he literally paraded around the media outlets just two days ago saying that the Clippers were OUT.

What a clown! And I know that you get it wrong sometimes. Trust me, I’m in the industry too. It happens to all of us. But how many times can Chris cry wolf before people stop believing him?

This isn’t the first time he’s completely swung and missed in front of everyone. I think back to when he had absolutely no clue about LeBron’s second decision, but he acted like he had a wire up on Rich Paul’s phone. And then LeBron James literally broke the news himself that he was coming home with a story in Sports Illustrated titled “I’m Coming Home”, but Chris had to confirm it live on SportsCenter. This is honestly one of my favorite videos of all-time:

Thanks, Chris. Thanks for confirming that LeBron James telling the world he’s going back to Cleveland is in fact true. Now can he please confirm this Kawhi news so we can run with it?

Stealth moves! Dude you had him at 95% to the Lakers. And 0% to the Clippers. But I actually thank you for teaching this young, aspiring sports journalist something. I’m going to start making baseless claims to go viral, and when I’m right, take all of the credit. And when I’m wrong just him the world with….stealth moves!