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Strip Club Charges Dude $7,400 For Just Talking To Strippers In Champagne Room


Morning CallStrippers. Several hundred dollar tips. Repeated 30-minute private sessions in the champagne room. Sometimes with more than one exotic dancer. It sounds like the life of a rock star. But Northampton County prosecutors say it was how 54-year-old Robert L. Tostevin Jr. spent three days last summer before getting buyer’s remorse and refusing to pay the bill. What did Tostevin get for the $7,400 he allegedly blew through at the former Tattletales North, then claimed he hadn’t authorized on his bank card? If you believe the four strippers who testified at his theft trial Monday, only a sympathetic ear to listen to his problems. They said they remained dressed during his “champagne court” sessions, even as the Allentown man agreed to pay fees as high as $640 for a half hour with two women. “Every dance, we just talked, about everything that was going on with him,” said Lori Williams. “We were discussing former home life, ex-wife, everything,” said Elizabeth Cwynar, a part-time dancer. Tostevin, a regular at the club, racked up the hefty bills last year on July 16 to 18. But Tostevin later claimed to his bank that just $100 had been authorized, with the $7,400 of other charges fraudulent. The disputed charges were investigated by Tostevin’s bank, First Niagara, which refused to pay them after Tattletales could not produce receipts showing he had signed for them. By failing to show Tostevin had endorsed the charges, Tattletales broke the rules required by MasterCard, testified a fraud investigator with the bank.

If I’m the owner of Tattletales you think I give a fuck about Bobby Jr. and his problems at home? You think I give a fuck about 4 idiot strippers testifying telling me all they did was babble about his ex wife? Every minute those strippers are in the back room doing absolutely nothing with a loser like Bob Tostevin, thats another minute they could have been grinding their asses against another dude’s dick. Another minute they could have been giving a handjob to a dude underneath their mesh shorts. Every minute lost playing therapist is a minute of real, money making stripper duty. Its an opportunity cost. You wanna take Elizabeth and Lori in the back room and show them pictures of your kids, go right ahead. But I’m charging you as much as the dude in the booth next to you cumming in his pants.