Giannis Breaks Down Drake's Hoops Skills, Roasts Him For Being Fat Instead

Well, this is what I need from Giannis. No more super nice guy. Drake is now enemy No. 1 for you as long as you’re in the East. You can’t sit here and deal with him. You have to start poking the fat bear a bit.

That’s what Giannis is doing here. I don’t appreciate the kind words, especially when he starts comparing him to the White Mamba. But, at least he’s not completely sucking up to him. Giannis is learning.

Now, I feel like I have to come to Drake’s side a bit here. Listen, some chubby guys can be good hoopers too. Ever hear of Khalid El-Amin?


Image result for khalid el-amin uconn

Image result for khalid el-amin uconn

Plus, Drake is over 30. Do you know how hard it is to get in great shape after 30 if you’re not in great shape already?

But, give me Giannis roasting dudes. Let him keep going to fans of teams across the league.