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2nd Batch Of St. Paddy's Day Fight Videos Are In

1. Shamrock The Block in Richmond Virginia (Police Vs. Guy in Underwear and then Another Dude)

2. Jackson MS St. Paddy’s Parade



So the Shamrock The Block video is clearly the best St. Paddy’s Day 2013 video we got so far.  It’s long, but worth every second.   Also no offense to chicks but this is why chicks shouldn’t be cops.  I mean that dude dominated the police.   Absolutely dominated them.  If he wanted to he could have beat the shit out of those cops before any backup arrived.   And for those people wondering none of this qualifies as police brutality no matter what that hick from Mississippi says.  If you’re drunk and start pushing cops and interfering with them than you are fair game to get nightsticked to death.   Either way…GO IRISH!


- Thanks to Corndog for the videos who is still better at finding videos than any employee/intern I’ve ever hired