The Packers Are Actively Trying To Stop Hating Each Other And I Can't Get Enough

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(ProFootballTalk)–The new-look Packers are looking for better ways to help their players bond.

As explained by Ryan Wood of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, items like a basketball hoop outside the meeting rooms and an advance viewing of the latest John Wick movie have been aimed at ensuring players develop a connection.

“The gap in talent around the league is not too far,” new Packers safety Adrian Amos told Wood. “Everybody is good, everybody has great players. It’s just about coming together, and how those players mesh together, how players work well with each other. That’s why you see teams that maybe their roster may not seem like they should be that good, but they are that good, just because of how they work together, how they play together.

“The more and more you hang out with one another, you start to pick up on each other’s tendencies on the field. The more you hang out with each other off the field, you just start learning peoples’ personalities. You know how to approach somebody.”

Live look at Aaron Rodgers at Packers mini camp

Call me crazy, but a team screening of John Wick and a basketball hoop to play H-O-R-S-E isn’t going to fix the Packers problems. It is hilarious though. Any time a team is like “we don’t need to be friends, but we need to work on trust” it’s a problem. Any relationship where there are trust issues there’s going to be a problem. The Packers being so toxic that they’re publicly taking steps to not hate each other is hilarious to me. “John Wick” is great, but even Keanu Reeves can’t stop Aaron Rodgers from throwing his new coach under the bus. And there in lies the issue because when you see quotes like this

“I think it’s more do you have any bad apples in the locker room, more than anything,”

If there is a bad apple in the locker room and that bad apple is your quarterback, best and highest paid player well you know what…it’s going to be hard to have 52 other guys change the culture and create an environment where players love and trust each other. If Aaron Rodgers can throw the head coach under the bus in June then the players will be free to do the same to each other in November.

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Sticking with the Remember The Titans theme…I kind of feel bad for Adrian Amos. I loved that guy for the Bears. He is going from this:

To a room where David Bahktiari blocks for Rodgers like Ray Budds


sucks to suck. Cheers to the start of the 2019 season