Keldon Johnson Removing A Blue And White Warm Up Tux To Reveal A Brand New Tux When He Got Drafted Is Such A Power Move

My dear God this was the move of the Draft. Nay, this was the greatest draft move these eyes have ever seen since Samuel Dalembert starting the trend of coming out of the stands to hug the commissioner.

My guy Keldon Johnson was rocking an all-time blue and white suit to start the night. He sat in the green room wearing that zubaz looking jacket. He had to deal with Shams being wrong on him being drafted by the Cavs

Keldon tried to convince people that the white suit represented a ‘new start.’ I’m not buying that. He just happened to be wearing a black bowtie with the white suit? The Spurs colors are black and white? My man pulled off the greatest quick change move in basketball history.

I have no doubt Keldon Johnson is now the steal of the draft. What a goddamn power move.