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Aaron Hernandez Is The 29th NFL Player To Be Arrested Since The Super Bowl



I think Ausar Walcott makes it a nice, even 30 but I’m not sure. And also we have to take into account Titus Young. He probably notched like 15 of those arrests. But nonetheless thats an absolutely absurd figure. I think this is the main reason why Goodell wants to extend the season to 18 games. Not because of money or TV deals or anything like that. He’s just desperate to make the season last 365 days a year because NFL thugs + tons of money + offseason = all sorts of murder. Its simple math. When big, angry, stupid thugs have free time and no limitations, you’re gonna see a ton of crime. Its the mortal lock of all mortal locks. Goodell needs to keep these assholes busy so they stop killing people.