Wake Up With Max Scherzer Refusing To Come Out Of A Game

How about the balls on Matt Williams to even attempt to come out and try to convince Max Scherzer to come out of a tie game in the late innings. There is less than a 0% chance that was going to work. Scherzer, who is an absolute mad man, would rather have each of his fingernails peeled off slowly than leave a game before he thought it was acceptable. Williams starts coming out to the mound and you can read Max's lips. Since this is a family website, I can't type the words he said. But he did NOT want to leave the game. He wanted the batter. Williams tucked his tail in-between his legs and was outta there pretty damn quick. I don't think he even got onto the mound. He saw and heard Max and just made a u turn. As you would expect, Scherzer got Dee Gordon to ground out and get outta the inning. Imagine being the guy that has to tell Max Scherzer the restaurant is out of steak or something like that. I still think he'll become the first pitcher to physically remove someones head from their body on the field. How can you not love that guy.